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Future Planning

Cooperative Vision 2015

1.  To improve  the  profitability :

     Profitabilty of DCCBs shall be increased by 10% and that of PSCB by 15% . The accumulated losses of the four DCCBs shall be decreased from Rs.25crore to Rs.20 crore.

2. Infrastructure Development :

    Till date 483 branches have been renovated and the remaining 319 branches shall be renovated in the next four months. Information about the various schemes of the bank shall be displayed in the branches.

3. Application of Technology :

    105 ATMs shall be established in Punjab State.  The services of Mobile Banking , Net Banking , SMS shall be provided in the year 2016.

4. Marketing of Services and products :

   To improve the CRAR position, marketing of services and products of the bank shall be done on regular basis.

5. Resources / Deposit mobilization / Increase in Govt. business

   Steps to open accounts on a large scale , launching of special deposit campaign , to collect funds from the Govt. departments shall be taken. The  business of the bank shall be raised to the level of 40,000 crores.

6. Incentive scheme for good pay masters , efficient employees

    To improve the recovery position  of the bank, incentives shall be given to the good pay masters. To improve the efficiency of the bank's employees , policy shall be framed to suitably reward the efficient employees.

7. Reduction in NPAs / Improvement in Recovery :

   All measures will be taken to improve the recovery position of the bank. NPAs of the PSCB shall be decreased from 0.77% to 0.70% and that of DCCBs f rom 4.50% to 4% .

8. CRAR and compliance of other RBI directives :

    The banks shall make all-out efforts to achieve the stipulated level of CRAR and shall ensure compliance of all regulatory norms. Compliance of Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines shall be made.

9. Strengthening of Internal checks and control systems. To improve monitoring of DCCBs :

   Quality of inspection shall be improved. Concurrrent audit shall be introduced. Monitoring of DCCBs shall be further strengthened. Quick disciplinary /  legal action shall be ensured against all the delinquent employees.

10. Human Resource Development :

     Training needs of the employees shall be assessed and all steps shall be taken to provide quality training. Services of Experts shall also be taken.