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Awards & Achievements


The Punjab State Cooperative Bank has  been awarded  "BEST PERFORMANCE AWARD" by NABARD and NAFSCOB on number of occasions. 

Punjab State Cooperative Bank along with 20 DCCBs has become first State cooperative bank in India to start ATM, PoS/ E-Commerce services and has been awarded for this by NABARD


1)      Share Capital

Share capital is one of the major components of Bank’s own funds.  At the end of the year 2019-20, the paid up share capital of the bank was Rs.167.01 crore .

2)      Reserves & other funds.

Reserves and other funds are the major components of own funds which have registered a sizeable increase during the year under report. In the year 2018-19, the Reserve Fund of the bank were Rs.678.41 crore which rose to Rs.708.21crore as on  31-3-2020.

3)      Deposits

Deposits form the largest single source of funds of the bank and it plays a pivotal role as an indispensable component of the working capital of the bank. Considerable increase in deposits of the bank is being noticed during the last few years on account of customer oriented efforts put up by the staff.

The deposits of the bank have increased to Rs 3551.46 crore as on 31.3.2020 from Rs 2864.72 crore as on 31.3.2019 thus showing an increase of 23.97% over last year. 


4)      Borrowings

To meet the credit gap and to fulfill the bank’s financial obligations under different types of lending programmes, the bank acts as facilitator for financial assistance received from NABARD, NCDC, Government and other national financial institutions to CCBs.

Borrowings during the year 2019-20 were of Rs 5157.65 crore against Rs 3742.96 crore in the year 2018-19, thus, showing an increase of 11.08%.

5)      Investments

Total investments of the bank as on 31.03.2020 stood at Rs 2714.59 crore out of which investments in Govt. and Trustees securities were of Rs 838.49 crore as on 31.3.2020 whereas total investments were of Rs 1944.35 crore as on 31.3.2019.

6)      Loans & advances

Bank provides loans to the DCCBs and Govt. employees under various Loan schemes for meeting out their credit needs. The total loans and advances as on 31-3-20 stood at Rs 5659.87 crore against Rs 5232.05 crore as on 31-3-2019. Thus, there is an increase of 8.18% in loan and advances in the year 2019-20.

7)      Working Capital

The working capital of the bank increased from Rs 7615.89 crore as on 31-3-2019 to Rs 8751.79 crore as on 31-3-2020.

8)      Profit

The Bank has earned a gross profit (before tax) of Rs 37.59 crore in the year 2019-20 against Rs 30.71 crore in the year 2018-19.

9)      Non Performing Assets:

          The Gross NPA’s of the bank have reduced in percentage terms in the year 2019-20 over last year.  The NPA’s of the bank have reduced from 1.12% as on 31.3.2019  to 1.03% as on 31.3.2020.  The net NPA of the Bank is nil.

10)    Per Branch Business:

          Business Per Branch of the Bank has increased from Rs 449.82 crores during 2018-19 to Rs 511.74 crore during 2019-20.

11)    Per Employee Business:

Business Per Employee of the bank has increased from Rs 22.19 crores during 2018-19 to Rs 30.60 crores during 2019-20.