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Loans Scheme Interest Rates

Interest Rates on Loans 
S.No Schemes Rate of interest(Public)
1 Personal Loan Scheme 10.000%
2 Non Farm Sector Loan Scheme (NFS) 12% to 13%
3 Consumer Durable Loan 10.00%
4 Vehicle Loan Scheme
 Up to Rs 5 Lac  8.00% 
> Rs 5 Lac to <Rs 10 Lac   8.00%
 Rs 10 Lac to Rs 15 Lac  8.00%
5 Second hand Vehicle Loan Scheme 13%
6 Urban Housing Scheme 8.50%
7 Cash Credit Facility to Traders 14%
8 Revolving Cash Credit to Farmers (RCC) 11%
9 Two Wheeler Loan to Farmers 11.50%
10 Rural Housing Scheme 10.50%
11 Mini Dairy Scheme 10.25%
12 Commercial Dairy Development Scheme 10.25%
13 Cooperative Education Loan Scheme children of poor farmers, Dalits, BC, etc. 7.25%
14 Loan against Rental Income Scheme 14%
15 Loan against Property 14%
16 Loan scheme for Earnest Money As fixed by the bank
17 Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme PACS to members 9.00%CCB to PACS 7.00%
18 Bhai Lalo Sehkari Kirt Shakti Scheme PACS to members 12% CCB to PACS 10%
19 Education Loan 9.75%
20 Credit for Setting up of Net House 12%
21 Credit for Setting up of Agricultural Service Centre 11.25% for PACS , 12% for individuals 
22 Bee Keeping Loan Scheme  10.25%
23 Piggery Loan Scheme  10.25%
24 Goat Rearing Loan Scheme  10.25%
25 Fishery Development Loan Scheme  10.25%