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Service Charges

S. No. Detail of Services Proposed Charges
1 Collection Outstation Cheques Upto Rs. 5000 - Rs 25/-
From Rs 5001/- to Rs 10000/- Rs.50 per instrument
From Rs10000/- to 1 lac - Rs 100 per instrument
Above 1 Lac - Rs Rs. 150 per instrument (all to be inclusive maximum amount chargeable by banks + service tax as applicable)
2 Bills
Upto Rs.10000
Rs.10000 and above
Rs. 50/-+ Postal charge
Rs.6/- per thousand, min 100/- and Max. 12000/- plus postage.
*No collection charges to be levied for collection of local cheques/drafts. However, out of pocket expenses be recovered in full.
*Collection charges in cases of outstation cheques/bills should be levied on the gross amount of instrument.
Further, No charges to be taken from Senior Citizens/pensioners for collection of pension upto Rs 10000/-
3 Cheques/Bills returned unpaid
Local Cheque/Bills
In case of Loan Cheques returns in outward Clearing Charges on First Return
Charges on Secound Return
Charges on Third Return
Outstation Cheques/Bills
Rs 50/- for Outward Clearing Returns,
Rs 100/- per instrument
Rs 200/- per instrument
Rs 500/- per instrument
Rs.100/- plus postage charges
4 Insurance of Demand Drafts/Telegraphic Transfers/Mail= Upto Rs.5000/-
>Rs.10000 and upto Rs 10000
Above Rs 10000
Rs. 20/-
Rs. 40/-
Rs. 2.00 per thousand or part thereof and Minimum Rs.50/- Maximum Rs.10000/-
5 Insurance of Duplicate Drafts Rs.100/-
6 Revalidation/Cancellation Of Draft Rs.50/-
7 Insurance of Banker cheque/Pay order Upto Rs.5000/-
Rs.5000 and upto Rs.10000
Above Rs.10000
Rs. 50/-
Rs.2.00/- per thousand or part thereof and Minimum Rs.20/- Maximum Rs.10000/-
8 Insurance of Duplicate Banker's cheques/DDs Rs.100/-
9 Revalidation/Cancellation Of Pay order Rs.50/-
10 Standing Intructions No Charges for registration
Rs 50/- per transaction will be charged involving credit to account within the branch or another branch or State, remittance charges at the prescribed rate and actual postage shall be recovered additionally, charges to be levied on the account from which the amount is transferred.
Rs. 10/- for Standing instructions for the transfer of amount under same Customer ID within the branch from one account to another is proposed(for all type of transactions)
11 Safe Custody Charges Scripts Rs.50/- per annum
12 Stop Payment Instruction
All types of accounts
For CBS Branches
Rs. 50 per instruction (Upto 2 instruments, after that Rs. 20 per instrument and Rs 200 for a Continuous series upto 20 instruments)
For NON CBS Branches
Rs. 50/- per instrument
13 Statement of account.
All types of accounts.
Current Account
One statement for current month FREE. Rs.50/- for duplicate statement upto one year old entry
Rs.100/-for statment prior to 1 year
Saving Account
Rs. 50/- for any type of statment , except in case the statments are required for loan cases from same branch should be generated and given after taking written request.
14 Duplicate Pass Book Rs.50/- within one month entries, but should be issued on written request only. Therefore copy of statment is given as per charges mentioned above.
15 Maintenance of Minimum Balance
Saving Bank Deposits
The Customer who does not maintain minimum balance of Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- with cheque book facility in his account, the service charges shall be levied at the following rates per month
Rs.50/- per month
Charges will be debited every month.
Except for Ex staff members and Senior Citizens.
16 Current Account
Minimum balance Rs..5000/-
If the balance in the account is less than the penalty charges than the account be closed under intimation to the customer by ordinary post.
NON- CBS Branches - Min Balance _Rs 2000
Charges - Rs 100 per month
Rs.250/- per month and charges will be debited every month for non-maintenance of minimum balance.
17 Cheque Book charges
Saving Bank A/c
Current A/c
One cheque book containing 20 leaves free per half year & Rs..2.50 per leaf for extra cheques.
Rs.20/- per entry for over and above 30 entries per half year
Rs.3.00 per leaf, No free cheque book is to be issued in Current Account.
18 Charges for excess debit entries in SB Account For CBS Branches
After 30 Mannual Debit Entries per half year , Rs 5 per entry should be debited by system,
For Non CBS Branches
Rs.20/- per entry for over andabove 30 entries per half year
19 Payment under CBS
Other than parent branch
Cash Payment/Deposit under CBS
Other than parent branch
Upto - Rs 20000 free of cost
Above Rs 20000 upto Rs 50000 - Rs 50/- should be charged by system , only for cash transaction.
Max Limit is Rs 50000 and payment above Rs 20000is to be made done by Cheque only.
Further There should not be any restriction of amount in transfers of payments/ banking services other that cah transactions for inter branch.
20 Locker Rent
Small Locker
Extra Large


Penalties for Locker Rent in Default
Extra Large
700/- p.a.
1200/- p.a.
2500/- p.a.
4000/- p.a.
No Lien
Note: In case of loss of key of the Lockers , actual expenditure incurred for breaking open the locker and changing the lock by manufacturers of lockers, should be recovered from the account holders.


Penalty charges per Quarter or part thereof:
Rs 100/-
Rs 200/-
Rs 300/-
Rs 500/-
Any default will attract penalty charges for a full quarter.
The rent should become due w.e.f. 1st of succeeding month, in which the locker is leased out. One month may be allowed for payment of rent due.
21 Cash deposit in Current Account(except Govt./Coop. Institutions) Current
-Upto Rs. 1 Lac - Free
Above Rs 1 Lac - denomination upto Rs 100 - Rs 10 per packet denomination above Rs 100 -Rs 8 per packet Max Rs 1000/-
22 Account closer before six months Rs.150/- for Saving Accounts
Rs.500/- for Current Accounts
(on account of death of customers no charges should be levied)
23 Photo attestation charges Rs.50/- for Saving Accounts
Rs.100/- for Current Accounts
24 Signatures verification charges Rs.50/- for Saving Accounts
Rs.100/- for Current Accounts
Free for - Students, Defence forces , War widows, Physically-Handicap & Signature attestation for ECS purpose
25 Interest certificate/ Balance certificate First copy- free
Subsequent copy –Rs.50/- per copy
26 Closing of RD A/c before maturity
Penalty for late payment of RD instalment
On account of death of customer no charges should be levied
PENELTY CHARGES to be levied for delayed installments in Recurring Deposit Accounts @ Rs. 2/- for Rs. 100 p.m. irrsespective of periodicity of deposit (Minimum Rs 20/-)
27 Bank Gurantee against deposit Rs.500/- +
Upto Rs 500000 - 2% p.a.
Above Rs 500000 - 1% p.a.
Charges to be levied at the time of issuing of guarantee
28 ECS Clearing Return Rs. 50/- per entry
29 Clearing Cheque Returned Rs. 50/- per inward clearing return


  1. Concession in charges mentioned above in staff category, should be taken only for Salary accounts (under product 302) of staff where the salary is being credited presently i.e. except these accounts same charges are to be levied as from other customers.
  2. Concessions to Apex Institutions
    • The commission on insurance of payment advices will be charged @ Re 1/- per thousand subject to minimum of Rs 10/- per transfer advice.
    • LAR Office has also been allowed free facility for the remittance of the salary of the employees and therefore drafts for salary will be issued at par.
    • The free facility is not applicable in case of DDs/Payorders purchased by the PSCB from other commercial banks, these charges will be born by the respective institutions.
    • Further, BCs have to be charged as per instructions contained in this circular.
  3. The Banker Section, Head Office, and Branches can give Pay orders upto any amount free of charges in case of Bank's own transactions.
  4. These charges will not be applicable to Central Cooperative Banks relating to their own business.
  5. Instructions contained in this circular should be followed strictly; any loss of revenue due to non-levy of Service Charges will be the responsibility of the Branch Manager.
  6. Free remittance facility is given to Rural Development Fund Account for transfer of funds from SB Account No 0002301000011232 (Old account Number 14410) with BO 17 to other Banks through Pay orders.
  7. 2 Drafts /pay orders total upto Rs 1.00 Lacs should be allowed free of cost per Quarter where :-
    In Saving Account the average balance maintainedis more than Rs 1.00 Lacs during resprective quarter
    In Current Account the average balance maintained is more than Rs 2.00 Lacs during respective quarter.