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Training Centre - ACSTI


AgricultureCooperative Staff Training Institute was established in 1986 by the Punjab State Cooperative Bank Ltd. with the financial assistance from National Cooperative Development Corporation under World Bank –NCDC project. The aim of setting up this institute was to provide training to staff and committee members as well as education to the ordinary members of the Primary Agricultural Services Societies (PACS) during the project period of 5 years. After successfully completion of the project the institute started catering to the training needs of the whole short term credit cooperatives in Punjab. The institute is running various training programme for different categories of staff of cooperative banks. The Punjab State Cooperative Bank is giving high priority to the training of its staff as well as staff of its member banks. The institute is playing its role very efficiently for the development of a cadre of professional bankers to meet the challenges of changing banking scenario.

Since 1991, there has been tremendous change in banking sector which has effected cooperative banks to a great extent. The Tarapore Committee, Narsimham Committee and Vaidyanathan Committee recommendations have put profound challenges to cooperative banks. The technological changes in the banking sector are also effecting these banks. This institute is aware of these transformations and has geared up its training plans accordingly.


To Develop Credit Cooperatives for serving as a Catalyst of Socio-Economic Development of Punjab.


ACSTI, Jalandhar aims at

- Playing proactive role in guiding the credit cooperatives to improve their operational efficiency through training, research and consultancy.

- Inculcating the key drivers-Innovation, initiative and Integration among the cooperators.

- Drawing new contours of performance of credit cooperatives.


- Sensitising the banks of the challenges ahead and to prepare the employees to meet these challenges.

- Improving the operational efficiency of cooperative banks.

- Building up managerial and leadership abilities among the officers for organizational Effectiveness.


ACSTI is catering to training requirements of employees of:

- Punjab State Cooperative Bank Ltd. Chandigarh

- District Central Cooperative Banks(20) of Punjab

- Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies(PACSs)

- Department of Cooperation, Punjab

- Cooperative Audit Department, Punjab

Target groups

- Board of Directors of Banks

- Senior officers of Banks

- Managers, Accountants, Clerks , Peons of banks

- Secretaries, Salesmen of PACS

- DRCS, ARCS, Inspectors of Cooperative Department

- Audit Staff of audit department of Punjab

Course design :

The training programmes are designed by conducting a critical analysis of training needs of Bank Staff. Each member of faculty is advised to design at least two training programmes in a year. The training programme along with detailed course contents prepared by them is then discussed in a faculty meeting. In this meeting the members of faculty share their opinion to refine the programme. Training programmes developed by the faculty are discussed in the standing training advisory committee for its approval. While designing the course, views of experts in the related fields are also taken. The District Managers of client banks are also consulted before finalising the courses. The policy matters of banks are also kept in mind during this exercise so that training efforts do not get wasted.

Designed training programmes are also approved by the Centre for Professional Excellence in Cooperative(C-PEC) BIRD, Lucknow which is mandatory for getting financial assistance under SOFTCOB scheme of NABARD.

Training Areas

- Banking law & practices

- Business Development

- Profit Planning in Bank Branches

- Non-Farm Sector

- Appraisal Techniques

- NPA and Recovery Management

- Branch Management

- Business Diversification

- Funds and Investment management

- Income Tax Planning

- Asset Liability Management

- Inspection and Audit

- Establishment Matters

- Core banking Solutions (CBS)

- Information Technology

- Attitudinal Development and Other Behavioral Aspects

- Business Diversification in PACSs

- Leadership Development Programmes for Board of Directors of PSCB & CCBs

Standing Training Advisory Committee

A standing training advisory committee has been formed as per the guidelines of NABARD constituting the following:

1. Managing Director

The Punjab State Cooperative Bank Ltd.


2. Chief General Manager

NABARD RO Chandigarh


3.Representative of BIRD Lucknow


4.Principal ACSTI

Member Secretary

This committee approves training programmes of the institute. The committee also
provides guidance to the institute on the matters relating to the training and development.

C-PEC Accredation The Institute has been accredited by Centre of Excellence in Cooperative . All faculty members have got CTFC certification (Certified Trainer on Financial Cooperatives) from C-PEC.

Financial Matters :

During the project period, all the expenses if this institute were borne by the NCDC. From july 1992, the Punjab State Cooperative Bank started taking care of its financial needs. Since 1996, NABARD has started giving partial financial assistance for training cost of training of bank employees. Rest of the expenses of the institute are born by the PSCB without putting burden on central cooperative banks.

Training Achievements :




The training institute is running in its own building in Jalandhar. It has fully equipped and air conditioned class rooms, conference hall and computer lab. Institute has a rich stocked library having more than 3700 books on different subjects. Office work of the institute is totally computerized.

Institute has all modern training aids such as multimedia projectors, television sets, OHPs, white boards, photostat machine. All faculty members have been provided with laptops for conducting classes, data analysis and preparation of training material.

The boarding and lodging is done at the premises of institute. There are 28 rooms in the hostel of dual occupancy, recreation hall and dining hall. The trainees are provided lodging facility free of cost.

Other Major Achievements:

Accreditation of institute and certification of faculty members

Institute has been accreditated by C-PEC, BIRD Lucknow. All Faculty members have passed the Certified Trainers in Financial Cooperatives (CTFC) Course run by C-PEC BIRD, Lucknow and are certified by C-PEC (BIRD) Lucknow.

Outstation Programmes:

Keeping in view operational problems of DCCBs, institute conducts outstation programmes at head quarters of the DCCBs. This approach has advantage of disseminating information to all the officers of same bank at one place. For district managers and senior managers of the CCBs and PSCB Bi-annual conferences on Performance of Cooperative Banks are conducted as a regular feature.

Computer Training Lab :

We have installed a computer lab in the institute to provide training to the staff of the bank. There are twenty latest configured terminal with a server on which the training on (CBS). Core Banking Solution is being given to employees of cooperative banks. We have chalked out various training programmes for different categories of cooperative banks.

Profit Centres :

On the recommendations of ACSTI, all branches of CCBs and PSCB have been declared as profit centres and we are providing required consultancy to these banks in this regard.

The management of the banks has adopted this approach. This training institute has designed training programmes to train all the branch manager of the cooperative bank in Branch Planning so that each branch manager can develop his branch as profit center.

Double entry system in PACS :

The institute prepared detail guidelines and operational manual for the double entry system of book-keeping in primary Agricultural Cooperative Services Societies (PACS). The double entry system of book-keeping has been successfully implemented in all the PACS of Punjab w.e.f 10.04.2000.

Performance Budgeting:

On the recommendation of institute, Performance Budgeting in PACS and CCBs have been started from 01.04.2002. The institute has designed detailed scheme, Performa and guidelines for this purpose. This was highly appreciated by Registrar Cooperative Societies. To help field functionaries in implementing performance budgeting, institute various field programmes at district level.

HRD Cell

ACSTI is also working as HRD cell of cooperative banks. We have data base of all District Central Cooperative Banks and Punjab State Cooperative Bank. Employees for training at National Level Institute are selected and sponsored by ACSTI, Keeping in view the Utility of training programmes for the bank.

Training Environment:

Apart from training on the topics concerned, the institute tries to give a healthy training environment to the participants. For the same institute give due weightage to:

1. Yoga Classes:

Yoga Classes are conducted daily from 6.00 Am to 7.30 Pm for the trainees in the Hostel

2. HRD Sessions:

Sessions on behavioral aspects are incorporated in almost every training programme. Experts from various organizations are invited to conduct these sessions.

3. Library Assignment:

To inculcate reading habit, trainees are made to make extensive use of library. Some library assignments are given in all the courses.

Faculty Development:

Most important asset of training institute is competent &committed faculty. Therefore, faculty development is the most important area of concern for the institute. Institute has adopted the following system for its faculty development

1. Every faculty member has to attend two training programmes at national level institute such as NIBM, BIRD, VAMNICOM, IIM etc.

2. Internet facility has been provided to each faculty member in his office.

3. Every faculty member is provided two economic news papers at his office.

4. Important articles published in journals/ newspapers are discussed in house meeting.



Principal and Faculty Members Profile




Name:        Dr. S.S.Brar


Academic- M.Sc.(Agri Eco), Ph.D

Professional- CAIIB, CTFC

Experience: Seventeen Years

Contact  :-singhssbrar@yahoo.co.in

       (M)9872210630,(O) 0181-2223364,0181-2223374



Name: Dr. Balwinder Singh


Academic- M.Com, Ph.D

Professional- CAIIB, CTFC

Experience: Fourteen years

Contact : 9814703652



Name: Harminder Singh Walia


Academic- M.Com, M.Sc.(IT),M.C.A

Professional- MCP,CTFC,CAIIB

Post Graduate Diploma  :- PGDBM,PGDCA,DCO

Experience: Seventeen Years

Contact  walia1976@rediffmail.com

Mobile :-9463886700


Name:   Surinder Kumar

Experience : 17 Years



Academic  : M.A (Economics), B. Ed, UGC-NET

Professional : CAIIB,  CTFC ( BIRD, Lucknow) , CPD (IIBF Mumbai) , Diploma In Home Loan  Advising, ( DHLA ), Advanced Diploma in Urban Cooperative Banking ( ADUCB),

Certificate Courses From IIBF: (1) KYC-AML (2) Retail Banking (3) Cooperative Banking (4) Customer Service and Banking Codes and Standards (5) Credit card for Bankers (6) Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) For Bankers (7) Information Security (8) Rural Banking Operations in RRBs (9) Micro Finance (10) Prevention of Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management (11) Human Resource Development  ( All From Indian Institute For Banking And Finance , Mumbai)

Contact  :- Email: surinderkumarbains@yahoo.com

Contact No: (M) 9876272929


Name- S.Lakhbir Singh

Qualification M.COM



Contact –  Email  lakhbircoopbank@gmail.com

Mobile Number : 8872055007




Name- Amitoj Singh


Acedemic-    B.Tech ( ECE), MBA ( Finance)


Professional – JAIIB, CAIIB (Cooperative Banking)

Experience-  5 Years of  Experience in IT Industry as a Financial Analyst

                     3 Years of Experience in Banking Operations



Contact – er.amitojsingh@gmail.com


Contact Details : (M) 81463 37500


Agriculture Cooperative Staff Training Institute, Jalandhar

 Training Calendar

June-September 2020

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Management Information System in CBS Branches



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Management Information System in CBS Branches



Mgrs/ AMs / Acctt /CDEOs Of DCCBs/PSCB


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